To My Favorite Mommas ❤️

In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to  write a special post dedicated to the 4 most important Mommas in my life!

To my Grandmother..❤️

Abuela, to me, you were the definition of a SuperMom. You had 17 kids, and somehow made it thru without going nuts lol. You were so strong and so beautiful and I will never forget you. I can still see your smile when I would brush your hair, paint your nails, or do your makeup. I miss you so much.. all I can hope is that your up there looking down at me smiling again. I hope that your proud of me, and of the mom I became. I can’t wait til the day I get to see you again in that Heavenly place. Rest in the Sweetest Paradise Abuela Tere, I love you. Bendicion ❤️


To my Mother… ❤️

Mom, I know I haven’t been the easiest child to deal with. I know I haven’t been the best, but I want you to know I appreciate EVERYTHING you have ever done for me. I understand all of the worries you had, all of the stress. And I’m sorry for everything I put you through. I can only hope to someday be half of the Mother you are. You raised 4 kids all on your own & I will never know how you did it, .. but you did. You kept us fed, clothed & happy. And I thank you for that. You are the strongest woman I know, and I admire you so much. You have been thru  so much in your life & gotten thru it all. You don’t take shit from anyone & that is one of the things I love about you. I am who I am because of you, because of all of the lessons and love you instilled in me. You taught me to never give up, & it’s for that reason I am writing this blog today. Thank you for being you. Im gonna make you proud mom. I love you ❤️

To my Sister Jazmin ❤️

Aka My twin! Let me start this by saying I am so proud of the Mom you are! Your kids are so lucky to have you. Growing up, we didn’t always get along. In fact, I can remember a few different occasions of you punching me in the head.. lol Anywho, we became best friends, and you became someone I looked up to and admired. You were so pretty and so confident. I wanted to be just like you. And now all these years later, I’m happy to say that’s still true. You are the epitome of what a wife & mom should be. Thank you for being there whenever I need you and for always supporting my dreams, no matter how crazy. And thank you for always believing in me, especially when I don’t believe in myself. You always tell me exactly how it is, even if I don’t like it. And I love you for that too. So thank you for being you. I love you ❤️

To My Sister Jessica ❤️

When we were little, I kind of thought of you as my second mom. I was afraid to do certain things around you because I didn’t wanna get in trouble. And I didn’t want you to be mad at me. It’s still the same now.. Sometimes I get scared to talk to you because I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed in me. I don’t think you ever knew this, but your opinion has always been one of the ones that mattered most. And every time I knew I disappointed you really hurt me. That’s why the day I told you I was pregnant with Jaziah I brought someone with me. I was scared lol. Your my big sister & all I ever wanted was to make you proud. Im sorry we’re not as close as I wish we were and I hope in time that changes. But let me take this time to tell you how proud I am of you. Since the day Lani was born you haven’t been anything less than amazing! You raised her on your own & made it look so easy. I was having a hard time getting the hang of being a young mom & watching you with her pushed me to be better for Ziah. Thank for all of the tough love nobody else would give, thank you for never turning your back on me as much as you may have wanted to. And thank you for teaching your little sister how to be a better mom & woman! You have no idea how much I admire you. Your strength, your perseverance, you are a phenomenal person & I thank you for being my big sister! I love you ❤️


Xoxo-Jani ❤️

It’s Our Day Mommas ❤️

40BBED71-1C73-4CC8-A1D8-8C200B9F59A1        It’s our day Mommas! ❤️ I know I’m a day late but I was so exhausted last night from the weekend & just wanted to relax before bed. However, let me start off by wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to all of you beautiful, hard working Mommas! Continue being the amazing women you are!

I decided to keep this Mother’s Day super low key! All I wanted was to have a nice, quiet day with my little family.  After spending the morning sleeping in, ( A little too late lol) we all got ready and headed to a place near our house called Coggshall Park!


It’s a beautiful state park here in Fitchburg, MA. It has a lake in the middle, a park, and a ton of hiking trails all around. We have actually been here once before on the other side of the park, but it was our first time coming to the lake.


Once we got there, you could see this beautiful small stone gazebo that stuck out of the woods, and it turns out there was a path that led around the entire lake. My kids weren’t really focused on the path as much as they were having fun along the way. My daughter loved the duckies!


Walking thru the path was so beautiful! I don’t think I would’ve chosen to spen my Mother’s Day any other way.


My family means everything in the world to me & being able to spend such a beautiful day with them made me the happiest mommy in the world!


Without these two amazing babies, I would be able to celebrate this day. You made me a mom, the most important job title I have ever held! You taught me patience, and love & taught me it’s okay to be a little messy sometimes. Thank you for choosing me ❤️



&& To all of you amazing Mommas ❤️

Whether your a single momma, a working momma, or a stay at home momma. I understand the late nights, the long days. I understand the messy hair, the no makeup & the days you just don’t care about a shower because your too exhausted. I’m here to say your not alone. Keep pushing & keep being the amazing Mommas you all are! To others you may be a regular person, but to your babies you are SuperMom & that is the only opinion that matters! Here’s to you Mommas 😘


Xoxo-Jani ❤️