BoxyCharm May 2018

Hello Beauties!

Like most other Mommas & girls alike, I love makeup! ❤️ However, being a mom of two children, and being a working person in today’s life, I can’t always afford the good stuff 😩 In comes BoxyCharm! It’s a monthly makeup subscription box of 4-5 FULL-sized items. This includes brushes, eyeshadow palettes, lip products, eye liner, mascara, skin care & so much more! The subscription is $21/month which I think is a HUGE deal seeing as one product alone can cost more that.

This month we got lucky & the BoxyCharm creators blessed us with SIX full size products!

The first is my absolute favorite! I saw some sneak peeks of other subscribers who got it in their box & was so excited to receive mine! It’s by the makeup company Pretty Vulgar, & it’s called The Ink Gel Eyeliner. By far the best gel eyeliner I have ever used. The vintage packaging definitely drew it to me more, I love anything vintage-y & this is the cutest! You can find it on their website here for $24!

The second product was the Cover FX blurring primer. And blurring is exactly what it did. I have combination skin which means depending on the day, some areas of my face are oily & some are dry. Most other primers I’ve tried either dried my skin out more or didn’t hide the imperfections at all. When I used this primer it’s super lightweight & covers up my giant pores and tiny imperfections perfectly! This was easily my second fave from this month! You can find it at Sephora for around $38!

Next up was the lip gloss by Hans Cosmetics in the color Nude Rose. I’m not used to wearing lip glosses due to my unhealthy obsession with mattes, but this definitely brought me right back! It’s smith and thick, but doesn’t stick together (one of the reasons I hated glosses!) It has a yummy smell, kinda like dessert haha & it’s 100% all natural! The color doesn’t come on too harsh & can be paired well with another liquid lipstick! You can find this lipgloss on Amazon for about $15!

A girl can never have too many makeup brushes! Even though I just had to get a new jar for all of mine cause they wouldn’t fit haha. This month we got the P12 all over face brush from Aesthetica Cosmetics. Super soft bristles & is amazing for blending or just as a powder brush! Plus, all of their brushes are made VEGAN & cruelty free! You can get this brush separately on Amazon for about $25.

I got even more excited when I saw that this month also included the Aesthetica Pro Series 3-piece brush set. It includes a eyeliner, brow, & spoolie. Again all of these are vegan & cruelty free! I haven’t had a chance to use them yet but can’t wait to try them out! The set can be found on Amazon for $45!

Last but definitely not least is the PUR Sculptor Highlight & Contour palette! This is a godsend! I was a little weary at first of the highlight because I LOVE shining! ✨ But some highlights don’t always glow as bright as they should. Let me tell you, these highlights were GLOWING! The contour blends so well & left my cheekbones chiseled! Lmao. You can find this palette on their website here for $30!

I have used other subscription boxes before such as Ipsy and Birchbox, & even though I liked them, BoxyCharm is definitely my #1! I hated that with the other boxes I got small sample sizes that would run out so quickly. Also, everything above amounts to almost $200 worth of makeup all for $21!!

As a mom, I’m even more obsessed. It’s hard sometimes between cleaning messes, cooking, cleaning the messes again, to find the time to go shopping for makeup let alone put some on! 😩 But with this I get full size name brand quality makeup delivered right to my door! Mommas like to look pretty too 💋

If you would like to subscribe, click here!

xoxo- Jani ❤️