Should I Keep Going? ❤

              I knew it had been a long time since my last blog post, but I didn’t realize exactly how much time had gone by. I was looking through my site & my last post was on August 9th. Almost FOUR MONTHS!

 I promise this was not my intention. 

 At first, life was a little hectic. We had our FIRST family vacation at the end of August that I had to prep for! ( 23hr long ROAD TRIP with TWO kids!) Once we got back, it was all about back to school, back to work & settling into the new routine now that summer was over.

There were so many moments that I wanted to write about, so many topics that came up that I thought we be great to share. Its easy to plan something, and say “I’ll do it this day”, or “maybe tomorrow”. What’s hard is actually making it happen. I knew I needed to post again, I wanted to keep it up to date and be as active with my blog as possible. Then life happened, stress happened, and that’s when the self-doubt set in.

I started to think that maybe being a blogger just wasn’t for me. What was the point of wanting to write if I never actually did it?

I am a QUEEN when it comes to making excuses for myself on why I cant do something. Thus came the list of reasons why my blogging career should end before it ever got the chance to actually begin:

  1. I’m a mom & dont have the time. (Lame af I know)
  2. I’m not that good at writing.
  3. What if nobody wants to read it?
  4. Whats the point?

  As I thought more and more about the reasons why I shouldn’t blog anymore. I realized those were the exact reasons why I decided to start it in the first place. 

Momming is hard! I have never worked somewhere that or held a position that was as difficult as the one waiting for me at home each night. And it is so easy to let all of that make you feel as though you are the only one living it. I wanted mommas everywhere to know, Hey you’re not alone! It’s hard for me too! Lets laugh about it together!

And there doesnt need to be a point. Nobody needs to read it. And who cares if I’m not the best writer. This makes me happy. Writing. Expressing. Connecting makes me happy. And I want to continue that for as long as I can.

If you are reading this, please take the advice I continually try to instill in myself. Don’t let self doubt ruin the plans you’ve made for yourself or the goals you want to accomplish. It’s not always easy, I know. But the way I am trying to see it is, there are so many people in your life and in your future that are going to doubt you, why do it to yourself? Be your own biggest fan. I don’t ever want to look back one day and regret not doing something because I thought I would fail. I am proud of myself for even getting this far, something I never thought I’d do. And imagining how much farther I could go if I push that little voice aside is what makes me want to keep it going.

I am going to try to keep blogging as much as I can, hopefully a post a week! I apologize in advance if that does not happen. I am a certified struggler when it comes to life & dealing with all its chaos. Sometimes I let it get the best of me. But I am going to try & I hope you will all continue reading. As lame as my posts may be lol.

Much more to come!

XOXO- Janii

5 thoughts on “Should I Keep Going? ❤

  1. You have a gift, it’s writing. Stop doubting yourself! It is hard to make time but just know your content is dope. I needed to read this as I was doubting myself this morning after I posted on social media that my podcast was out. The fear of failing can take control and make you want to give it. Don’t let it!! Just know there’s always one person out there that needs to hear it. In with this, I was that one person. Thank you!😘

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