BoxyCharm June 2018

IMG_0564This is my FAVORITE box so far!

This June 2018 box had more of a summer tropical vibe, which I loved! The theme was “Carribean Queen”, and this box nailed it! Especially  because of the Alamar Cosmestics “Reina De La Sur” palette! ♥

I absolutely LOVE this palette from Alamar Cosmetics! The tropical, Caribbean inspired colors are perfect for the Summer! The red, yellow & green tones blend together perfectly to make any look POP!

It isn’t too pigmented so the colors don’t come on too harsh, which I love because I like being able to add color on as I go.

You can get this palette here at the Alamar Cosmetics website for $28.00.

My next favorite was the Battington Lashes eyelash set in “Monroe”. First, I am a huge fan of cute packaging! & This packaging was super cute. The little gold and white box was very intriguing and opened up to a pair of very soft, beautiful lashes! I cannot wait to use these bad boys!

These lashes and other styles can be purchased here for about $28.00.

One of the things I love about BoxyCharm is how usually every box comes with a brush or some sort of brush set! I LOVEE makeup brushes, theres so many different kinds & love finding new ones I can use for different things.

This box featured Luxie Rose Gold brushes. These are the brushes from left to right.

  1. The Precision Foundation Brush #660. ($18.00 on the Luxie website) I have never really been of brushes for foundation, especially the flat thin ones. And with beauty blenders I find that I end up using more foundation because so much product is getting absorbed into the beauty blender itself. This was a new take on the foundation brush for me & I need to say I love it! It distributes the foundation so smoothly & blends it out perfectly without leaving lines or strokes.
  2. The second brush is the Tapered Highlighting face brush #522. ($24.00 on the Luxie website) This brush is absolutely perfect for highlighting the cheekbones & forehead area! Because it is a little thick, and fluffy I wouldn’t recommend for highlighting the eyebrows or smaller areas of the face. I also really liked this brush for blush, it was the perfect size!
  3. The final brush in the set was the Duo Fiber Powder Brush #516. ($22.00 on the Luxie website) I used this brush for two separate things. The first time I used it for my bronzer, and I loved how it didn’t pack the color too much which made it easier to blend into my foundation without having color patches. The second time I used this brush was for setting powder, and I am now in love with this brush! Being a face brush makes is so versatile & the super soft bristles definitely help!

The brushes are sold here on the Luxie website!


This next product I was super excited to try when I found out it was going to be in the boxy because of all of the reviews on it!

Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. It retails here on the website for $10 – $45 depending on which of the 3 sizes you choose from!

It is an all-over body cream infused with the all-powerful Guaraná extract, which is very rich in caffeine. This along with Cupuaçu Butter, Açaí Oil, and Coconut oil are said to tighten the appearance of skin and make it glow!

I haven’t been using it long enough to see if it really tightens your skin, but the tropical smell is amazing! Its a great moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling soft & so smooth!


This was one of the products I wasn’t too excited about, but because everything else was so great I didn’t mind much. Its the Jonteblu Waterproof Eyeliner. It can be bought here on their website for $5.00!

The one reason I did love this product is because its waterproof. And if your a person who has worn non waterproof eyeliner and cried, or got drunk, got sweaty, etc.. You understand how amazing waterproof eyeliner is! And in that sense its a godsend! It stayed on all day and didn’t smudge at all! Even thru the heat & the sweat!

Now the only problem I did have with it. It didn’t go on as easy as I wanted to at first, its a little dry. I wet the tip and that made it go on a little easier, but you definitely need to be patient or you could mess up & get it everywhere. ( Like me!)


Last but definitely not least, is the Ofra Long-lasting Liquid Lipstick. I loved the chocolate right away, as I’m a HUGE fan of neutral, tan & nude colors for my lips! The Ofra Cosmetics website is under construction so I couldn’t post the link, but it retails separately for $21.00!

The formula was great! It was super smooth and not sticky at all. I HATE when liquid lipsticks are sticky. 9 out of 10 times those are the ones that peel and feather after they dry. This stayed on pretty well, I only reapplied once & it was because I was a slob when I took a sip of my drink.

The only thing I didn’t like about this lipstick was the smell. It had a strong sweet/chocolatey smell. If you like your lips to smell like dessert than this is perfect for you. I’m not a fan and could do without it but to each his own!


This was definitely may favorite box so far! I loved the carribean theme & the products were beautiful! I cant wait to see what will be in the July box!



Thank you for reading Sweeties,

XOXO – Janii




3 thoughts on “BoxyCharm June 2018

  1. I LOVE that palette. The range of colours are stunning, perfect for anything. Great post, I’m back to blogging after a break so it’d mean a lot if you went to go check my recent post! Xx


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